Death Brigade/Veteran mini-squad

Finally! A rather large last-minute project for work intervened, but I've managed to turn this...

...into this.

My mini-squad (as it were) of hardened veterans is equipped with three plasma guns and a missile launcher. I also added all sorts of secondary and melee weapons to their backpacks, figuring that they'd be extremely well-equipped.

The sergeant presented a problem: In the old codex, he was equipped with a Storm Bolter. However, since Storm Bolters are no longer an option for them in the new codex, I was stuck. To break down the model would take reworking that I didn't want to do, and besides, the model looks neat. So what to do? My salvation comes in the form of Gunnery Sergeant Harker, one of the new special characters. My codex hasn't arrived (though it did ship today from the Warstore), but the rumors spake thusly:

Catachan Devil Gunnery Sergeant "Stonetooth" Harker. Veterans Upgrade. Armed with “Payback” Heavy Bolter. FNP, Relentless, Catachan Devils (him and squad Infiltrate, Stealth and Move Through Cover). His may not take Grenadiers.

Feel No Pain is certainly a Blood Pact-esque trait. And the Blood Pact are highly-skilled soldiers; infiltrating is certainly something their veterans would be good at. But the best part? The Heavy Bolter that he can move and shoot. Not only is it freaking awesome for a shooty plasma Vet squad, but my Storm Bolter Sergeant fits the part perfectly, no conversions required. Yes, the actual model is using a Storm Bolter, but it's more than sufficient to represent a Heavy Bolter in both size and ammo (ever seen the Last Chancer Ox model?). So, I guess Gunnery Sergeant Harker is added to my list! I can't wait to see that squad Outflank in their Chimera and shoot the heck out of the rear of the enemy.

Now, I've still got to fill out the other four members of the squad with shotgun-toting veterans. Here are two that I've put together, minus the heads.

Once my codex arrives (along with heads for the remaining veterans), I'll know a bit more about how to rework my list. In the meantime, I'm going to try and get this Loxatl built.

I've trimmed a lot from his underside, and flattened the shoulders and thighs. Then I added some sprue pieces to use as a base for the legs, though in the pic there's only the upper halves of the legs. I'll be sculpting the shape of the legs onto these pieces, then smoothing out the underside of his belly. At that point he should look something like a very scaly Komodo dragon - then it's just a matter of sculpting the flechette blaster harness and adding the blaster itself.
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