IG Codex planning

Bit of an interlude while I finish up my Hardened Vet squad (they're almost done!). I figured it was about time I got a basic updated army list together, so that I could work out what I needed to buy. Well, I've got a new (rough) list put together, and best of all, it only required me to buy some more backpacks and heads. Don't get me wrong; I love the new models being released, but GW is releasing them around tax season, meaning that the budget is limited!

My original list was geared towards total mobility and medium-range firepower. I decided to change up its focus a bit, to take better advantage of some of the new codex offerings, and so that I didn't have to build many new models. Here's what it's looking like, at a (very rough) estimated ~1500-1750 points, depending on wargear and exact model costs (I've been using the rumors to calculate).

  • Command HQ Squad w/Chimera (Commander w/Power weapon, Standard Bearer, Heavy Flamer, 2 Meltaguns)

  • Priest w/Eviscerator

  • Loxatl Brood (3 Ogryns)

  • 'A' Platoon
    • 'A' Platoon Command Squad (JO w/Bolter, 4 sniper rifles)
    • Troop Squad 1 (Missile/Plasma Gun)
    • Troop Squad 2 (Missile/Plasma Gun)
    • Troop Squad 3 (Missile/Plasma Gun)

  • 'B' Platoon
    • 'B' Platoon Command Squad (JO w/Power weapon & Meltabombs, 1 Meltagun) in Chimera
    • Troop Squad 1 (Missile/Grenade launcher) in Chimera
    • Troop Squad 2 (Missile/Grenade launcher) in Chimera

  • Hardened Veteran Squad (Missile/3 Plasma Guns) in Chimera

  • Heavy Weapons Squad - 3 Mortars

  • Stalk-Tank (Armored Sentinel w/Lascannon)

  • Banewolf (or Hellhound)

  • Leman Russ

  • Leman Russ

My list becomes a little less completely mobile, but adds some more troops that can provide a good firebase and support for the mobile squads. Also, since that leaves two extra Chimeras I have that I'm not using (and that are only partially built), I can convert one into a Banewolf. It also adds the Loxatl, which will be a neat conversion and provide some melee power.

Right now it feels like this loadout has a decent amount of anti-armor capability, and strong anti-horde potential with the Russes, missile and grenade launchers, Banewolf/Hellhound, plus the ten heavy bolters on Chimeras. It's still a little small in terms of numbers, but I'm hoping that the flexibility and mobility will make up for that.

So, what does this mean I need to build, in addition to everything I've got built so far?
  • Another infantry squad
  • Some grenade launcher troopers
  • Banewolf/Hellhound
  • 'A' Platoon command squad w/4 sniper rifles
  • 3 Loxatl
  • 3 Mortar teams

I've got some Dark Elf Cold Ones which I'll be using as the basis for my Loxatl; they're going to require major green stuff work, since I need to turn the bipedal Cold Ones into quadrupeds. To that end, I've got a test model underway.

It always feels vaguely sinful to hack up an untouched model for the good of conversions, doesn't it?

I'll have my Hardened Vets finished painting soon, though on a read-through of the rumors I noticed that Vet squads are now 10-man only! So I'm building four more to fill out the squad. Since they use the Space Marine Scout heads, though, they won't be finished until my mail order from Battlewagon Bits arrives.

Happy painting!
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