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In the (oops) month or two since my last post, I managed to get a whole whack of stuff done, but none that was worth blogging about until just recently. So! First off, I completed another squad with a Grenade and Missile Launcher.

After I'd completed my first squad, there were a couple of things I knew I wanted to improve upon - I didn't want the Catachan heads to be identifiable (which meant removing the bandanas and adding hair), I wanted more troops with helmets on their heads (which meant chopping and splicing heads and helmets), and I wanted their masks to have straps instead of just magically staying on their faces (though one could argue that they might bolt them to their faces). This is the first painted squad I have with all those improvements implemented. I've also increased the amount of gear that they're carrying. Here are some front-and-back views:

With the new IG codex, I ended up reworking my list slightly to add in another squad and some different weapons. Now I've essentially got a static infantry platoon with 3x Missile/Plas squads, and a mobile platoon with 2x Missile/Grenade launcher squads in Chimeras. My already-completed Platoon HQ squad will function as the mobile platoon's HQ.

For the static platoon, I went for shooty: JO w/Bolter and 4x sniper rifles, figuring that it'd make for some interesting conversions. I had 4 Scout Sniper torsos left over from making my commander, so I used those and spliced Cadian arms onto them. The one on the left is (obviously) finished, and I'll be giving the others their heads this week. I also have the JO w/Bolter ready for mask-ing.

The other loose end I'm tying up is my Veteran squad. My four redshirts (as it were) are just about ready for their masks and then painting:

I've got some other bits and pieces with pics, but I'll blog about them in tomorrow's post. To finish this post, here's a pic of the completed portion of my Blood Pact army. One HQ, two Troops, two Heavy Supports, and one Fast Attack! Yay!
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