Custom Plasma Guns

One of the problems commonly encountered when creating a customized army is the lack on Guard-sized plastic special weapons. Heavy weapons are plentiful, thanks to the Gaming Gods who blessed us with the HW Squad sprue, but currently, every Guard model with a special weapon is metal.

I have enough plastic Space Marine plasma guns for my army, but they're a bit large on a Guardsman, and I wanted to save them if possible. Since the Blood Pact also use a lot of non-standard weaponry, either looted or created on captured Forge Worlds, I also wanted them to look visually interesting. I wasn't, however, willing to make plasma guns that wouldn't be immediately obvious as plasma weapons.

I saw a neat suggestion on the 40k Online boards: Use a plasma pistol and a bolter to make a Guard-sized plasma gun. The bolter is used for the back and grip of the weapon, and the plasma pistol for the top coils and barrel. I figured I could use flamers instead, since everyone has a bunch of extra flamers hanging around.

This is the result, on a Pacter from the first squad:

I love the way it turned out. Since I have something like seven plasma pistols laying around, I'll be making them all in this fashion.