Missile Launchers vs. RPGs

This is a US Army Shoulder-launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon (SMAW), a rather generic sort of missile launcher that looks very similar to the Cadian one (albeit much smaller).

This is a Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher (RPG). Easy and cost-efficient to produce, the RPG is the poor man's tool of choice. The RPG is extremely effective against soft-skin targets, and some variants, equipped with HEAT rounds, are capable of destroying tanks.

Clearly, I had to have RPGs rather than missile launchers in my army. They've just got too much association with rag-tag, low-tech forces.

I used the missile provided in the Heavy Weapons Sprue as the basic body. For the breech in the rear (used to disperse and direct the backblast), I cut off the very middle bit from the black plastic sprue that small round bases come on. The warhead was the front of the missile, reversed, glued to the main body of a mortar round taken from the Heavy Weapon Sprue (also reversed). Then I added the sight from the HW sprue, and glued it to the missile launcher arm.

The result:


Samuel said...

Sweet conversion, and 40k-canon accurate. In the Sabbat Martyr novel, the description of a Blood Pact AT launcher is very much like an RPG-7.

Post an image when he's painted.

natsirtm said...

That RPG is genius - looks great. Get 'er painted!