Blood Pact - the novel

So, I've slacked off a bit. Catching up on work has been a bear since I got back from my trip (I'm an editor and work on contract, so my deadlines wait for no man), but I plan on chugging ahead in the next week. I'll need to if I want to get back on schedule!

A couple of miscellaneous things to show you, in the meantime - the first, if you haven't seen it yet, is the cover art for the next Gaunt's Ghost book, Blood Pact.

I wish I could see what kind of grotesk that guy in the back is wearing, but the Pacter in the front looks spot-on with what I'm doing. And it looks like the German helmets are exactly what Abnett was imagining. So, hooray!

The other thing I have to show you is the new Games Workshop store in Toronto, which I visited while I was up there. They used to be located in the Eaton Centre, which is the biggest, fanciest mall in the city (so you can imagine how small the store used to be). Recently they moved to a much better location. The manager is a good friend of mine who I went to high school with. Here's a picture, taken from the rear of this massive new store (and keep in mind, there are two more full-sized gaming tables behind me!):

It has something like four glass display cases, six gaming tables, a painting station, and a Dark Angels Space Marine in the front window. And it's got a basement of the same size, too, so they may end up putting in another six or seven tables.

My other good friend back in Canada (who I also went to high school with) is the head of Direct Sales, and we met up at the store to play a quick 1000-point game, Imperial Guard vs. his new radical Daemonhunters. It ended up being a 4-objective mission. With only 1000 points, it was a tough game on both sides. I lost, but it was a heck of a lot of fun with the 5thED rules.

Now that most of my work is back on track, I should be able to forge ahead with the Blood Pact. Less than forty models to go, but a lot of modeling left to do!


seemyinnergeek said...

I had no idea that Abnett was working on a Blood Pact novel. It will be cool to see the war from a different perspective. That is an awesome GW store too. I wish the one near me was that size. It's either empty or full... it's only about a five person difference!

Sean Ramirez (dvdhwk) said...

As far as I know the BP novel will still be GG-centered, its just that the BP will play a prominent role. I do hope we get to see stuff from their perspective though, like in Traitor General. But besides we all know the Sons of Sek are way cooler than the blood pact. ;)

That GW does look really nice... I dig the big poster of Prince Imrahil on the left.

the-seventh-son said...

hey mate,

i just found your blogpost

good to see there is another Blood Pact Fanatic out there,

i have a few pictures of my force on Cool Mini or Not, and there are pictures of another guy's force on Dan Abnett's website, in June 2007's archive, just to let you know

really like some of your conversions and glad to see you found somewhere with steel bowl helmets, i'm gonna have to place a shipment of a few thousand i think :p

My army is gonna be apocalypse when its done, looking forward to seeing your Stalk-Tanks

i have some Stumble-Guns, AT-70 Reavers and N20 Half-tracks in my force and i'm working on The Nine, so far Skarwael, Saul and Pater Sin are painted up, just need to do the other six, but never fear i have some ideas for them, need to find some children to use though

anyway i'm rambling, like i said it's good to see someone else who is a Blood Pact player



Oh and i have a Blood Pact Baneblade too!