Blood Pact infantry squad & chimera

After working on my Chimeras all week, I took some time out to finish up my first infantry squad. I had half-completed these guys quite some time ago, but with the first Chimera finished and painted, I figured I should get its troops squared away.

Here's the Chimera. The others are in varying states of completion, but I tend to work on whatever seems appealing to me at the moment. This way, I'm always getting something done, even if it's not in any sort of order.

I ended up putting mesh across the top hatch, and closing off the gun ports. I wanted to actually use those Chaos vehicle gargoyle head things on the gun ports - they would have been perfect - but with seven Chimeras to build, I'd have needed an inordinate amount of them. So, I went the easy route with spikes. I'm also noticing just now that I forgot to paint all of the periscope lenses, so I guess I'll be doing that after I finish my post here. Doh!

The hinges I rigged up for the rear gates work very well, and I've actually been surprised at how strong they are. I don't see them breaking unless Excessive Force is used. Sadly I couldn't get a decent picture of the interior detail, as my camera just didn't want to focus on the inside. It's basically got benches on either side with seats for eight, standing room for two more, and a couple of lasguns on the rear wall, along with some mechanical stuff.

The infantry squad doesn't look as good as the ones I built after it (which are still getting their Grotesks), but once they're lined up with the other troopers they'll blend in just fine. I'll also be rebasing the RPG and his loader onto a Heavy Weapons team base, as soon as my large textured bases arrive in the mail.

In my next post I'll be taking a look at my remaining troops with some WIP pics.
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