The big guns - Leman Russ 1

First off, I apologize for going a week between posts. I had wanted to get this one out before the weekend, not after, but I could never seem to find more than twenty minutes at a time to sit down and finish painting, and eventually it was Monday.

Here are some shots of my first Russ, Turpis Infinitus, all prettied up with blood, symbols, verdigris-stained bronze, and some bloody skin parchment which I'm told are their tax returns. Even the Pact have to file their taxes this time of year.

Tomorrow I'll be finishing up painting on the second Russ, which is almost finished. Yay!


The Inner Geek said...

I like the details on the paint job like the kind of worn looking markings. Very nice.

John Lambshead said...

That looks really good.
I have been nerving myself up to have the courage to paint my blood pact vehicles rusty-red. You have convinced me. The colour works.

Techpriest said...

@Inner Geek: thanks! That's exactly what I was going for with the markings; I wanted some kind of identifying markings, but figured they'd more likely be haphazard and not maintained.

@John: To be honest I wasn't really satisfied with the way the color turned out, because depending on the light it can look kind of pink - but I discovered a neat weathering trick last night while working on the second Russ that made me really happy with it. Should have a post up about that one today sometime. :)