Completed Leman Russ

Well, it's been a while! Between being overloaded with work and planning a vacation to visit family up north, I've not had a lot of time to post. Thankfully, I used what time I had to work on a number of things.
  • Squad 1 is complete and 3/4 painted; I'll complete them when I return from vacation next week.
  • Leman Russ 1 is finished; pics below.
  • Leman Russ 2 is built and ready to be primed.
  • My German helmeted heads arrived from Westwind Productions a couple weeks ago, so my Death Brigade veteran squad is now ready to be primed. The heads are unfortunately just a little small, but hopefully it'll be less noticeable when they're painted. I also found that I can cut the heads out of the helmets and strap the helmets onto packs/belts/etc, so I may end up doing that a lot.

I mentioned in the first post that this was going to be a 1500 point army. The army's build is something of an experiment for me, and I hope it will pay off with 5th edition. So, here's what's left to build:
  • HQ - Command squad. I haven't decided what to use as my commander model.
  • TROOPS - Platoon command squad, 2nd infantry squad
  • TROOPS - Armored Fist squad
  • ELITES - 3-man Loxatl squad (using Ogryn rules)
  • FAST ATTACK - Stalk-tank (using Sentinel rules)
  • TRANSPORTS - 6 Chimeras (army is Mechanized)

So, that's where I stand. A lot of vehicles left to build, and I need to figure out exactly how to make the Loxatl. The Stalk-talk is already planned out in my head, and I simply need to order the bits.

Now, on to the pictures! Here is my first completed Leman Russ.

I ended up doing some more modifications before painting; namely, I cut off part of the barrel and replaced it with the battlecannon from a Defiler. I also added the Chaos vehicle hatch, and represented the pintle Heavy Stubber with a coaxial barrel.

I may add some symbols or markings later, as it feels a little plain. But that will come in time as the army begins to take on a life of its own.... mwahahaha!

Vacation next week. When I return, squad 1 will be finished in all its glory!


seemyinnergeek said...

Good to see an update. I like the Russ... very dangerous looking! I'd be tempted to hang a skeleton off a chain on it or something. But, I do take things too far sometimes!

RonSaikowski said...

I agree, it does look a bit plain at first but if that's the look of the entire force, then there is nothing wrong with that approach at all.

Sometimes it can be harder and better in the long run to leave a model "clean looking" and not junk it all up making it far too busy looking.

Nice work.

the-seventh-son said...

hey mate,

i just found your blogpost

good to see there is another Blood Pact Fanatic out there,

i have a few pictures of my force on Cool Mini or Not, and there are pictures of another guy's force on Dan Abnett's website, in June 2007's archive, just to let you know

really like some of your conversions and glad to see you found somewhere with steel bowl helmets, i'm gonna have to place a shipment of a few thousand i think :p

My army is gonna be apocalypse when its done, looking forward to seeing your Stalk-Tanks

i have some Stumble-Guns, AT-70 Reavers and N20 Half-tracks in my force and i'm working on The Nine, so far Skarwael, Saul and Pater Sin are painted up, just need to do the other six, but never fear i have some ideas for them, need to find some children to use though

anyway i'm rambling, like i said it's good to see someone else who is a Blood Pact player