Death Brigade - Hardened Veterans

Ah, the veritable Hardened Veterans. The Blood Pact elite are made up of veterans and organized into so-called Death Brigades, because an army of fearless, trained, militant, bloodthirsty soldiers who worship Khorne just isn't elite enough.

This will be a six-man squad, which I'll probably later expand. The squad is made up of:
  • A Vet Sergeant w/Storm Bolter
  • Three Veterans w/Plasma Guns
  • A Veteran w/Missile Launcher (RPG)
  • A Veteran w/Shotgun (he's the Missile Launcher Loader, First Casualty™, Redshirt, and All Around Nice Guy)

I made armored backpacks using Voxcasters. No heads yet, since they'll be given German helmets.


Plasma Gunners - these guys use a Chaos and Khornate plasma pistol as the basis, respectively:

The loader needs some greenstuffing; I plan to make him pulling a spare RPG round out of a sack. But at least he's got a neat shotgun.

A closeup of the shotgun, made using Ailaros' shotgun conversion method: